What We Build, Builds Us

Founded in 1964, Channel Building Company has a rich history of designing and constructing buildings for market segments where superior design, quality and value are expected. In the mid-1970’s Channel was a pioneer in the “design-build” process and to this day remains ahead of the design curve throughout northeastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. This represents hundreds of structures and satisfied private sector commercial, institutional and industrial clients.

Channel Building Company is adept in a wide-range of construction management and general contracting approaches ranging from pre-construction, design-build process to conventional design-bid-build and reconstruction services. We take pride in offering complete in-house architectural design services – a value-added service typically not offered by our competitors.

Existing and potential clients also benefit from services that extend beyond our core design and construction business including site feasibility, engineering, permitting, and assistance in obtaining financing.

With demonstrated expertise in automotive, office, recreational, financial, religious, manufacturing, food processing, warehouse, high technology, and retail facilities, Channel Building Company is committed to designing and building projects of superior quality and value that result in exceptional customer satisfaction and trust.

Our Mission

  • To provide our commercial-industrial clients in northern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire with a team of construction professionals producing excellent design and superior quality construction resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction and trust.
  • To provide a progressive, healthy and safe work environment for our employees, to assist them in their professional development and to compensate each employee fairly.
  • To provide maximum returns to stockholders in balance with company liquidity, reinvestment and growth.



At Channel Building Company, health and safety is more than a set of rules and guidelines. It is woven into our corporate culture. We devote time and resources to develop the safest environment possible in proactively identifying and eliminating workplace hazards and ongoing training for injury prevention to make our company a safer place to work.

As a result, Channel’s accident rate is one of the lowest in the building industry based on our overall history. Some of the initiatives that we employ to achieve this are:

  • We maintain an up-to-date written Safety Policy Manual located at each job site covering everything from accident reporting to fire prevention to material handling.
  • All employees and subcontractors are required to participate in OSHA and Channel Building Company safety procedures to ensure compliance with safety and health standards.
  • On all Channel Building job sites, subcontractors strictly adhere to maintaining proper insurance as set forth by Channel’s Risk Management Department.
  • A third-party risk management consultant inspects each job site regularly, reporting any discrepancies to the written safety policy to the job superintendent and to the management at Channel Building Company for immediate resolution.
  • On-site personnel conduct weekly safety meetings discussing a different safety topic each week.
  • Channel Building Company requires mandatory training for all field personnel, up to and including, OSHA 30, CPR and first-aid certifications.  As well as, training and licensing for all hoisting and mechanical equipment being used on-site.
  • Channel provides where appropriate, personal protective equipment and instruction for its use.
  • Channel quickly investigates any incident to determine the cause and takes action to eliminate a re-occurrence.