Creating a building that satisfies a customer means addressing hundreds of issues.  Certainly, doing everything you can to deliver the project on schedule is paramount.  Assuring the highest quality construction is critical.  And listening carefully to each owner in order to establish what needs to be accomplished takes priority.

But when we at Channel remember a project, it’s often some small detail that sticks out in our minds – one significant feature that made that job distinctive.

No doubt there’ll be something special about your building project too. So we thought you might like to hear about a few details which we think tell you more about Channel than anything else we might say.

Bank of New England:  HELP.  When you’re constructing the Bank of New England in the style of the late 1800s, finding the best window to serve as an architectural centerpiece takes on a whole new meaning.  It means more than getting a window that just keeps out the New Hampshire cold.  It’s locating 50-count pane frame sculpted perfectly to replicate millwork from the 19th century.  To get the job done, we went beyond our typical association of subcontractors in our local region.  After all, we not only needed the right window, we needed the right window to match the right precast stonework that complemented the right brick.  And we found it.  So, when the owner looks at the center window on the second story, we know exactly what they see – perfection.