At Channel, we value preservation and community. Re-constructing a preexisting infrastructure may be a feasible and economical solution under certain circumstances. Below a few types of re-construction options that bring about alternatives to traditional building which may be the most practical way to build.

  • Restoration brings a structure back to its original condition and use. The restoration could be purely for preservation; or a worthwhile building could be restored to its original appearance while being put to contemporary use.
  • Rehabilitation implies changing or expanding the use of the building to fit new objectives. An old warehouse is turned into an office building; a factory becomes an apartment house; a manufacturing facility becomes a retail location.
  • Modernization most often refers to the addition of new mechanical systems, or even as simple “face lift” with less emphasis on major rearrangement of the inside space.

Some of the advantages of re-construction:

  • Economize on site and construction. An older building has a proven site. Many of them occupy central positions in their community; have access to transportation, sewers, electricity and other necessary services. Most importantly, as you already have your foundation and basic structure; re-construction can cost significantly less than equivalent new construction.
  • Saves time. The time between your decision to develop space commercially and your potential use of it is minimized. Reduces the timeline between the concept to reality.
  • Preserve quality craftsmanship. The forms of craftsmanship which went into many of our older buildings are now lost or world cost so much to reproduce that they are beyond economic reality.
  • Gain community support. An environment sympathetic towards re-construction has developed out of the ecology movement, energy crisis, credit crunch and nostalgia. From this sympathetic environment will come your tenants, customers, employees and business associates.
  • Approvals/permitting. Saves time and money upfront.

So, why recycle an older building? Because re-construction can save time and money and be an impactful building process to revitalizing neighborhoods and commercial districts. Channel is committed to the creation and enhancement of our client’s communities by increasing economic opportunities while improving social and local conditions in a sustainable way.